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Demo Solutions Review: Digitile

One of our core principles in demoing is adding value, and all of our preferred partners products add value. Our Demo Solutions Review shows not only how does Digitile add value to your demos, but adds value to your entire desktop digital experience, whether you are using it for work or play. Take a look how we use it, and how we recommend our clients use it to prepare better demo decks and videos and deliver better demos.

How Digitile Works:

Digitile is powered by AI and works as the middle man to locate files and documents across your digital platform, whenever you are on the web. It is a chrome extension and is integrated with virtually every major CRM, project management, and data storage programs on the market.

Digitile Integrations:

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Outlook
  • Trello
  • OneDrive
  • Sharepoint
  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Asana
  • Adobe Cloud
  • Sketch
  • Sugar CRM
  • SalesForce
  • Zoho
  • Basecacamp
  • Box
  • Zen Desk
  • Confluence

Demo Use Case:

Demo Prep

Delivering a killer demo requires the information gathered during discovery to be added customarily to a pitch deck. To deliver the maximum value of your product to your client, demo decks need to be customized to close. This means not reusing slides from marketing or other departments. Sounds like a lot of work because of logos and information you have across multiple platforms then formatting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Enter Digitile. The time saved using Digitile to extract files from all of your programs, make deck customization much faster. No going through all your apps and conversations to find that file or version of a logo. Additionally, if you are a demo pro, you can use the Universal Tag system to better prepare yourself on the fly and for deck visuals organization.

Some examples: documents, thumbtab images, charts, etc.

Live Demo Tricks

Lets say your Demo Identity requires you to advance plan and you have used Digitile to create a seamless presales demo, then you go to deliver it, someone asks you a question about an example you gave and you need another visual or data set that is somewhere in your slack.

You have set up the Universal Tag for a particular feature slide, because you are a Planner, and you can pull up all the slide references and ideas on the fly. OR just go into your search function and find it in seconds.

Why Digitile is indispensable to Demos

It is your job to deliver value to the client through communicating how much easier their job becomes through using your product. You have more time to build value with custom slides when you are using Digitile to edit your deck. It is the ultimate parlor trick in live demoing should a joke or example not land, search a list of tags for certain slides and you have now delivered value and shown your audience that you are working with them to find solutions to their problems with your software and that you did your homework.

Learn More About Digitile Here https://digitile.io/

We offer premium access to Digitile on certain packages, check if your package offers Digitile.

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