Demo Software Reviews: Headspace

Demo Software Reviews: Headspace

Jun 14, 2017YouTube

Headspace is a Demo Software app focused on offering unique experiences surrounding assisted meditation. Founded in 2010, the company has raised $75.2M to date and, in the last 30 days alone, has garnered 1.25M app downloads. While there are many reasons for this app’s apparent success, their demo videos definitely assisted in the brand’s fame. Their video, linked above from June, 2017, showcases the gold standard for how to discuss your benefits, ladder up a value proposition, and fit customer needs with customization.


The moment the demo begins, it’s clear to the audience that the benefits of meditation are reduced stress, increased focus, and better sleep. It’s not about headspace, rather, they’re offering up a rationale for the service they are providing. From there, the video describes the type of person who might use Headspace, allowing for the consumer to easily step into a relationship with the brand. About halfway through the video, the calls-to-action began. This was smart for 2 reasons: 

1. People who are interested enough with the first half of information don’t have to wait to the end of the video, and become fatigued to find out where to purchase.

2. If some customers are still on the fence, there’s a second half which might push them over the edge with specific use cases.

Value proposition

Headspace was able to sell themselves as more than just a “video curation app” by laddering up the value proposition and offering viewers a better, more ideal, version of themselves (and who doesn’t want to be their best self?). The CTA was a simple give and take offer, where there wasn’t much of a barrier to entry into the relationship with the app. The demo showcased that “a healthier, happier life ”was just 2 clicks away.


This isn’t a one-size fits all product. Consumers can design their own experience by choosing different purposes for meditation, the different kinds of meditation, how long they participate, etc., and, as a result, the video doesn’t need to include a list of features. By focusing on benefits to the user,, powered by potential motivation, Headspace was able to quickly establish the benefits that would be transferred to the consumer.

Overall I’d give this demo a 5/5 for hitting all of the most important marks. If you have Demo Software that you would like reviewed by our expert team, contact us on social or site!

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