Demo Reviews: Cemex Presentation Software

Demo Reviews: Cemex Presentation Software

While construction isn’t always the most interesting topic, products such as the ReadyAquawall from Cemex have very real benefits that they can offer if people are interested enough to learn about them. I chose to feature this video from 2016 for three key reasons:

  1. The simplicity
  2. The demonstration
  3. The clear benefits


While the video was slightly lacking in a unique voice or personality, Cemex did an excellent job of showing the audience what they had to offer. The visuals made the product easy to understand, and a straightforward script communicated their main messages of “this is what we do, this is how we do what we do, and this is what we’re solving for.” The video is to the point at only a minute and forty-five seconds and I found it pretty engaging… well, as engaging as a video about concrete can be. 


Cemex used visual displays with animated graphics to demonstrate their product and use cases. They prioritized key points as to not overload or distract the audience with items that take away from their overall selling points. While someone may wonder how the wall pieces are designed or shipped or even what the price of a flood wall could be, this video stuck to a purpose of product demonstration and interest building in order to have a larger impact. The audience may be more intrigued with less information offered and may even be more likely to reach out to Cemex with questions for additional information. The visuals were a bit too CGI heavy – I’d like to see an example of this “in the wild.” Plus, mid-quality CGI can be distracting, especially with something as distinctive as water. 

Use – benefit

In this video, a need is demonstrated and a purpose is given to the presentation before the product is even introduced. Giving your story context not only helps put your viewer in the right state of mind but sets your product up for success when there is an obvious benefit being demonstrated. 

Also, they get extra points for using the key phrase: “so you can.” 

Overall I’d give this video a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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