Demo Software Review: Zazzle

Demo Software Review: Zazzle

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Welcome to Demo Reviews, where we break down the efficiency of new demo products and software. This demo is a great example of a service demonstration and does a lot of things really well. While there is a specific use case for this brand’s service (screen-printing customizable T-shirts), they seem to have done their research identifying what their customers care about and communicating their effectiveness and authority on those topics. Additionally, there were 3 standout characteristics of this video that make it a great demo:

  1. It built an easy to follow narrative.
  2. There was a strong brand voice present throughout the demo.
  3. They demonstrated how to use their service after creating interest. 

The Narrative

This demo starts out by building a story, listing the different reasons you may have a need to be printing T-shirts. This brings the audience in as there is a sequence to the information being presented and they want to learn more. Zazzle also uses these examples to demonstrate the different types of issues you commonly run into when trying to order printed T-shirts, and why they’ve thought of everything to prevent them from happening to you. Any potential issue you would have ordering from a competitor, they get to showcase their solutions and position themselves as an authoritative player in the market.

Brand Voice

There is a distinct personality that Zazzle is communicating to their competitors through the use of a casual (yet knowledgeable) brand voice. They’re the caring friend who understands your frustrations as well as the superhero who comes swooping in to save the day as they offer up an array of solutions to your every problem. The voice is relatable and draws the audience in, making the how-to portion of the video enjoyable and engaging.


I always feel as though the hardest portion of a demo to keep people’s attention is through the how-to-use section.  What Zazzle did in this video, of creating interest first and drawing their customers attention with a narrative, voice and cutesy graphics, was the perfect setup to demonstrating how their customers can use what they have to offer. They first presented information in the sequence in which a customer would naturally be interested: “What is it?”, “What does it do?”, “How does it work?” Zazzle then used the golden rule to a successful demonstration; they showed their audience how it works as opposed to telling them.

Overall I’d give this video a 4 out of 5 stars.

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