Salespeople learn how to manage their pipeline

Not how to deliver great demos

Let's change that

So many sales presentations are exactly the same.

We walk into the room, deliver our pitch, and then hope for the best. We don’t show value, so we wait for the client to find value on their own. Or we just offer lots of discounts to try to win the deal. 

Salespeople aren’t taught crucial presentation skills.

As salespeople, we’re taught how to qualify an opportunity, not how to discover what matters to the customer.

We’re enabled on generic talking points about features, but not not told why the audience should care.

And we’re taught how to recite a demo script, not how to deliver a great demo.

And we’re often so worried about remembering our talking points that we forget to ask questions. To listen. To learn. To empathize. To adjust in real-time.

Imagine your close rate if you proved value in every customer meeting.

At Demo Solutions, we’re on a mission – we want to put your customers at the center of each presentation you deliver. We want to help you highlight benefits, not features. To sell, not to train. And to win more deals. 

Life's too short to sit through boring presentations

No new sales methodologies

No long seminars

No boring trainings

Just killer demos and presentations

Do you really need another sales methodology?

Sales methodologies are great, but they don’t teach you how to give a killer presentation or a great demo. But we’re not here to give you a sales methodology. Instead, we work with whatever methodology you already have (Challenger Sale, SPIN Selling, Predictable Revenue, etc) and focus on what happens when you’re in front of a customer. 

So what can Demo Solutions do for you? 

We elevate your demos or presentations. 

We help you zero in on your unique “presentation personality,” so you can deliver authentic and genuine presentations and not sound like you’re just reading a script. 

We distill your messages into easy-to-digest collateral, so your audiences can follow along and remember your differentiators. 

We support your organization with expert presenters or coaches working alongside your sales team, so your executives and managers can focus on closing deals. 

And, not matter how you choose to partner with us, we’ll ensure that everyone on the team, from inside sales and account executives through solutions consultants and customer success managers, can deliver value at every stage of the sales cycle. 

Put the at the center of your demo

What We Do

We offer a range of services to help improve demos and presentations – including demo writing, presenter coaching, and more.

The Demo Audit™

Before jumping in, we want to know how your demos and presentations are going – and the best way to do that is to watch a few.

Deadly Demo Phrases™

You may be saying (seemingly minor) things during your presentation that kill the deal – and you may not even know it.     


Presentation tips, tricks and advice. Check out our Shark Tank recaps where each week we share our thoughts on recent Shark Tank pitches.             

Clients and partners

We have proudly assisted some wonderful organizations in delivering better demos and our partners include world-class organizations dedicated to helping sales teams.

Prices and packages

We created transparent, straightforward packages that include our most popular services. It’s almost like “Demos and Presentations as a Service.”  

Sample work

We created this demo video to help Minute7 (a time and expense tracking platform) highlight the benefits of their platform

We help you deliver value in every meeting – whether it’s the first inside sales call, or your prospect’s final evaluation. So you can ​advance your deals faster. And keep your deals from getting stuck mid-funnel.